Time & chance. 


In 2016, I had a lot of career-related frustrations. I’d stay up until 4a.m every day drafting different ideas on my notepad, thinking, and developing solutions for the entertainment industry. These solutions never saw the light of day.

Even though I shared these ideas with people I thought had the power to bring them to life, the efforts amounted to nothing. I soon realised that while some solutions might be good, there’s little you can do if the time isn’t right yet.

Aduke and Foza at MAPAS fest 2022.
Aduke and Foza at MAPAS fest 2022.

I had an insightful conversation with my partner Iredumare and Godwin Tom about our roles as individuals in the Nigerian entertainment industry. My partner and I work with creatives to help them build sustainable wealth while Godwin helps feed the talent capacity pipeline. It dawned on me right there that there’s a consistency in our purpose even if our tools and approaches are different. 

Sometimes, a lot can happen within a short period of time, other times, too little can happen over a long period of time. The most important thing is to seize the moment when it comes. It doesn’t matter where it meets you. 

Understanding time, chance and seasons of alignment is a beautiful thing I think everyone should note. It’s easy to miss those chances because they come in little windows of opportunity: Like when you’re already leaving a place and you see someone interesting just arriving; or when you’re playing card games in your friend’s place, and you meet another person of interest.

This is how most deals are sealed. 

Malcolm Nuna, Yaw Tog, Okai Wav and Foza at DMCE Ghana meetings.

In July, my company Digital Music Commerce & Exchange (DMCE) launched a new product called “Orin Fund”. I’m checking my notes again and I’m seeing that these ideas that are now being accepted were only slightly modified from the ones I had in 2016. 

Time does make a difference.

In other personal news

My debut book is titled “So far so Foza” and will be released in the February 17th 2023. I’ll be providing you with fresh updates on it in the coming months. 

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