Knowing Foza.

There are a few ways to describe Foza aptly. If you call her an expert in African entertainment law, you’d be correct. If you say she strikes you as a confident person, that also, in fact, would be correct.
It won’t be surprising if you recognise Foza Fawehinmi as the most notable entertainment law specialist in Nigeria. However, there are more facets to her professional career than meets the eye.
Only a few people in the Nigerian and sub-Saharan African entertainment industry have experienced her in full character. Like masters of businesses commanding global influence across industries worldwide: top pan-African artists who finally got rewarded for their creative works; African government officials who received world-class counsel from her on intellectual property matters.
Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that most of them describe her with words like “bold”, “fearless”, “creative”, and “great”, among others.
Foza Fawehinmi — Winner, “Prize for Lawyer”, Future Africa Awards (2021).


At the beginning of her professional career, Foza Fawehinmi made a name for herself by championing causes for entertainers, record companies and institutions in Nigeria. This saw her craft innovative solutions for her clients and partners in the creative industry, using her knowledge of law and entertainment.
Since then, she has brokered deals worth over $10,000,000 working with top talents from 5 nationalities and advising several governments in the sub-saharan African region on IP matters.

Foza Fawehinmi is currently the President of Digital Music Commerce and Exchange Limited (DMCE) an intellectual property valuation, management and  administration company serving sub-saharan Africa.

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Technolawgical Partners [2015 till date]
Digital Music Commerce and Exchange Limited [2018 till date]