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Last year, 2021, was a tough year for me. I suffered many losses.

From August to November, I lost people that were so dear to me. My people also lost their dear ones, and by extension, I had to bear mine and share in their bereavement.

Shared grief is one of the most exhausting things one can ever experience. While you’re still processing it, you must help the people closed to you overcome theirs by being their source of strength.

On the 6th of December same year, I came out of an accident unscathed. I didn’t realise the extent until my friends showed me pictures of the car. It was total wreckage and there was no way that wouldn’t have been fatal, under a normal circumstance.

For two weeks, I was hyperventilating and struggling to sleep. The thought that I could’ve died in that crash remained fresh in my mind. Shortly after, I went into therapy and got a high-functioning depressive disorder diagnosis.

June 2022, many months after, a lot has happened: I have rested; met new people; I have gone on vacation; gone swimming and snorkelling. There was something about these activities that changed how I think about my life.

Is it endorphins? Grace? I don’t know, whatever it is, it’s very good. I’m currently on leave this month and I’ve turned off all my work devices. Work can wait. I’m here for a great time!

Thanks for reading this month’s dispatch. See you again!

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