I’m trying to add 10kg, let me tell you why

Hello people,

Before we go knee-deep into how my September went, how was yours? I hope you loved it and I pray this new month is kinder to you. 

For the first time in like 5 years, I am actively retrying to gain weight. All my life, my weight has always been between 49kg and 50kg, never above. I have tried all types of methods, from Ensure to Complan to Apetamin etc, nothing has worked, but I’m trying again. My target is to add 10kg by the end of January 2023. So, I’m going to need you to be my accountability partner on this journey. 

Currently, I weigh 50.5kg. My friend Bosola told me the easiest way to gain weight is by going to the gym. I thought it was a counter-productive endeavour, but here we are. It’s crazy how much impact just two weeks of regular visits to the gym can do to your overall well-being.

I’m entering into a new season, so this weight-gain journey is part of my efforts to be ready to reap from it. I believe I need to be physically, mentally and spiritually ready to fully benefit from my new season. Therefore, I’ve also started to take my therapy and spiritual sessions seriously. 

Seriously, everything is coming all together: I no longer wake up feeling exhausted; I’m feeling more confident about my body; my mental well-being is getting better; my career is growing. I’m more motivated than I’ve ever been.

In other news, The Sarz Academy was on last month, although I have retired from active daily operations, I serve as a member of the advisory board now. I’m really proud of how far the academy has grown since we started in 2015. At the third edition this year, we received 10,000 applications in less than two weeks and selected only 14 artists and producers. This is significant because TSA started as a producers-only academy. I’m proud of my partner Iredumare Opeyemi, whose belief and efforts got us this far. I’m equally thankful for our donors Warner Music and United Masters for making the third edition successful. The talents from this edition are guaranteed superstars. Follow @thesarzacademy on all platforms. 

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